Flat bed type laminator

  • Description

    Reliant is the world-leading manufacturer of double belts flatbed laminators, powder coaters, converting and fusing machinery.Headquartered in Philadelphia – USA – Two factories in Europe; One factory in USA for special products.Reliant machines can be used in conjunction with a wide range of thermoplastic polymers and some thermosetting adhesive systems. Adhesives in film, web, powder, pressure sensitive, and some liquid formats can be processed. In addition our devices can heat set, compress, and, or calibrate as well as laminate many substrates using the company’s latest HPC technology

  • Detail

    Reliant offers a completely unique modular design of equipment. From standard 1m – 1.5m lengths of heating, cooling and pressure sections, machines can be assembled to any length required for particular applications. The production efficiencies achieved by this modular construction system allow us to offer great value for money on our highly specified equipment.

    Widths from 600mm – 3000mm
    • Heavy duty construction
    1500mm length modular tunnel sections of heating  and cooling
    Automatic tunnel gap opening capacity 0 -150mm in  0.1mm increments
    Individually controlled pressurised sections of heating  and cooling
    Single or multiple pressure rollers with various constructions
    Endless or pre-joined belts with a range of surface finishes
    Wide range of power options
    Multiple heating zone control
    PLC touch screen control for all functions
    Reliant Synchro-Trak motorized highly accurate conveyor  belt guidance and tensioning system
    Easy and fast belt changing system
    Full range of peripheral equipment for in-line and  turnkey operations